First impressions count but final impressions last

How to make a breath-taking first impression develop into a truly lasting feeling at events

We all know how important it is to wow your guests with a great first impression, but how do you maintain that positive feeling throughout the event and beyond? Brothers Ryan and Gavin Miller at Contemporary Event Structures believe the key is a balancing act between individuality and quality.

The first impression provides the hook that makes the guest interested and opens them up to the brand. For a brand to then achieve an overall feeling of luxury, the quality of the venue must be impeccable, the environment spotlessly clean and all the little details well thought through.

“To give the air of luxury, peak the interest of your guests by doing things a little differently from your competitors, then win them over with your high standards of quality, cleanliness and service,” said Gavin Miller at Contemporary Event Structures.

“Individuality can be achieved by using a unique and memorable venue to gain that all-important first impression but make sure the quality and depth of experience is there,” he continued.

Gavin and Ryan take pains to make sure their visually stunning inflatable temporary structures are maintained to a standard that reflects their clients in the fashion, automotive and racing sectors.

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