Our inflatable tunnel allows you to seamlessly connect between different inflatable structures and link them together.

The versatile inflatable tunnel is made from durable, waterproof PVC ripstop nylon and comes in a stylish white colour.

When fully inflated, the structure rises to 28.5m2, providing an entrance that is 4.9m wide and 2.5m high.

Our tunnel is easy and quick to set-up, taking just 2 people as little as half an hour to install and de-rig and only 20 minutes to inflate.

The contemporary event structure can be personalised to your bespoke requirements with banners and printed covers for branding, glazed doors, lighting, trussing, and flooring.

If you have any questions at all please contact us by calling 0121 748 33 77 or email info@contemporaryeventstructures.com

Product Specifications

Hire Package
1x Structure, 1 x Packing Bag XL, 1 x Protection Ground Sheet, 1 x Core 315 Fans, 1 x User Manual

Inflated Size – External – 28.5M2
Entrance/Exit Size – 1x x W 4.9m, H 2.5m
Fabrics – PVC, ripstop nylon FR treated
Colours – White
Ground Fixings – Refer to engineering guidance notes

Installation & De-Rig
Crew – 2 persons
Set-Up Time – From 0.5 hours
Inflation Time – 20 mins for structure when fixed
De-Rig Time – From 0.5 hours

Power & Fans
Fans – 1 x Core 315 Fans
Pumps – 1.4amps per fan. 1.4amps total
Min Secure Power – 78KVA
Fan Weight – 75 kg per fan
Fan Dimensions – 500mm x 500mm x 450mm

Product Enhancements
Noise Reduction Equipment
Branding – Temporary/Permanent/Banners/Printed Covers
Ground Anchor Fixing
Glazed Doors
High Pressure supporting tube frame
Complete Interior Design and Production Service
All Spares of Basic Package