Quietly confident: CES provides fit for purpose solution for BP: Fitness Trade Show

Contemporary Event Structures (CES) offered a quiet, engaging and impactful solution to BodyPower for its numerous break-out spaces for the BP: Fitness Trade Show.

The BodyPower team were looking for a cost effective way to create workshop and conference areas at the show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Limited for space, meetings and conference organisers would usually use drapes, but BodyPower were seeking an alternative as exhibitors and delegates had previously raised concerns about ‘audio bleed’ between the spaces when drapes were used.

Audio bleed occurs when two PA systems, used to amplify a speaker or presenter over a microphone, are placed in close proximity to each other. Essentially delegates in one room can hear what’s happening in the room next door and vice-versa.

In addition to lowering the decibel levels, BodyPower also wanted a more presentable space; a tidier and more appealing solution for delegates than that offered by drapes.

CES provided seven inflatable structures, which were used as individual conference and seminar rooms. They were self-contained with carpets and doors but all placed within less than 3m of each other.

Despite this close proximity, BodyPower were delighted to find that the structures reduced the audio bleed by up to 80% compared to the drapes option.

BodyPower operations manager, Paul Moreton, commented: “CES provided us with the perfect solution for the seminar and conference areas within our event at the NEC. The product and service were excellent and the structures reduced the external exhibition noise by 80%, which was an excellent result for our seven self-contained break-out spaces.

“I would highly recommend CES for both indoor and outdoor events; they really do add the WOW factor.”


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