Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Inflatable Structure for Your Next Event

Contemporary Event Structures can create a wide range of bespoke, branded inflatable structures to make your product launch, corporate event, or activation stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve never thought about using a bespoke inflatable structure for your event, here are our top 10 reasons why you should:


1. Branding

Event structure branding is key when you want your brand to stand out. From temporary logo application to matching your corporate colours, you can shout your message from the rooftops with a bespoke inflatable structure.


2. Versatility

Bespoke inflatable structures can fit almost any brief. From 8m cubes to that accommodate 74 guests to 14m domes that accommodate 191 to peanut-shaped structures that can hold up to 1550 people, you will be sure to find the perfect style and size for your event.


3. Unique

Set yourself apart from the crowd and engage with your audience with a bespoke structure that’s head-turning, exclusive, and distinctly you. Choose a bespoke inflatable structure that is as unique as you and your brand.


4. Transportable

Each inflatable structure can be quickly de-rigged and packed down into a compactable packing bag, removing the headache of wondering if the delivery vehicle will be able to access your event space.


5. Modular Construction

With many structures designed to be modular, you can create an entirely flexible and tailored space using different linking options to suit the number of guests and available area. Our versatile inflatable tunnel allows you to seamlessly connect between different inflatable structures and link many together.



6. Flexible

Bespoke inflatable structures can be set up both inside or outside and are fully waterproof, allowing you to use it how and where you choose. The structures are ideal for a variety of different applications including road shows, exhibitions, pop-ups, bars, catering, chill out areas, events, product launches, parties, festivals, conferences, weddings, and concerts.


7. Fast Installation

Forget factoring in a day either side for set up and take down. All of our structures can be easily and quickly installed and de-rigged. Many of our structures take just 20 minutes to inflate and a minimum of 2 people to install. Our contemporary event structures serve as a great alternative to traditional marquees.


8. Illumination

Bespoke inflatable structures can be easily lit using remote-controlled LED lights in either solid colours or different colour cycles. You can even project remote-controlled lights against the walls of the structure for more impact.



9. Design

Our inflatable structures have a modern, stylish, and eye-catching design. The large cavity walls keep ballasts, lighting, and cabling neatly tucked away, leaving you with a totally seamless structure and reducing the need for any poles and obstructions to line of sight.


10. Customisable

We can design pretty much any shape and size of the structure to suit your needs. What’s more, your bespoke inflatable structure can be fully customised with covers, banners, doors, lighting, and flooring to match your exact requirements and ensure your structure makes an impact.


All Contemporary Event Structures’ bespoke inflatable structures come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, complimentary training in using the structures, and unrivalled after-sales service.



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