Which Inflatable Structure Is Best For My Event?

We provide a brief overview of our range of contemporary event structures available for hire so that you can determine which inflatable structure is best for your next event.


8m Dome

The 8m Dome is one of our smallest structures, with a floor area of 37.4m2. However, the structure is highly versatile and takes just 2 people 2 hours to install and inflate.

This structure works well to help you stand out at an exhibition or conference. Add your unique branding and use the dome as a promotional pod to draw in passers-by. Or be creative and use the 8m Dome as an igloo or Christmas grotto to engage customers.


8m Cube

With 49.6m2 of internal floor space, the 8m Cube is one of our smallest inflatable structures and can hold up to 50 people.

Its size makes it ideal for use as a simple pop-up store or bar, chill out area at an exhibition, smaller exhibition stand, or to display a product at a launch.


10m Dome

Our 10m Dome has an internal floor area of 57.6m2 and accommodates up to 100 standing, 56 seated, and 46 theatre-style.

This makes the structure incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of different functions such as conferences, product launches, and road shows.


12m Cube

The 12m Cube is a medium-sized structure with a floor space of 104m2 that can be inflated indoors or outdoors in just 20 minutes and accommodate up to 150 guests.

This structure is great as an eye-catching exhibition or conference stand or bar kiosk, food stall, or shop to showcase your products. Or why not hire the 12m Cube for your next private party or birthday as a celebration space.


14m Dome

The 14m Dome is a medium-sized event structure with a total floor space of 57.6m2. The dome can be installed in as little as 4 hours and makes a great alternative to traditional marquees.

Accommodating up to 245 guests, the flexible dome is ideal for any number of uses, particularly conferences and seminars, catering spaces, and larger product launches.


15m Cube

This large inflatable structure has a floor area of 174m2. This is a flexible option and holds 336 standing, 128 seated, and 144 in a theatre layout, with easy inflation in just 15 minutes.

This makes the 15m Cube a popular choice for larger events, conferences, festivals, and parties and can be customised with banners, lighting, and flooring to help you make an impact.


20m Cube

The 20m Cube is one of our largest structures, with an impressive floor space of 330m2. It can be quickly and easily inflated in just 15 minutes, so is ideal for a whole range of events.

Holding 725 standing guests, 240 seating, and 344 in theatre-style, it is perfect for larger events including festivals and concerts, proms, and parties.


24m Dome

With a floor area of 270m2 and height of over 8m, the 24m Dome is one of our largest structures, accommodating up to 585 standing guests.

With a modern and eye-catching design and indoor or outdoor installation, this structure is perfect for festivals, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and parties.


Super Cube 15mx30m

The Super Cube has an impressive floor space of 450m2, is fully waterproof, and can be customised with your company branding to help you stand out.

Accommodating up to 600 standing, 304 seated, and 322 in a theatre-style, the structure is perfect for theatres, large product launches, exhibitions, pop-ups, and parties.



The Peanut is our largest dome structure, holding 1550 guests. The dome makes a great alternative to traditional marquees as is constructed from durable waterproof PVC and can be inflated in just 20 minutes.

The Peanut benefits from versatile and modern design and can be customised with lighting and banners. The Peanut is the perfect choice for festivals, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, parties, trade fairs, and weddings.

CES Peanut Structure Header


Hybrid Multi-Deck

The Hybrid Multi-Deck blends traditional marquee with our modern inflatable structures. Stylish and resilient, the structure combines strength and rigidity with flexibility.

With a 255m2 ground floor, 125m2 first floor, and 87m2 terrace, the structure is ideal for product launches, showrooms, exhibitions, and parties, to name just a few.







Contemporary Event Structure Hire

For help choosing which of our contemporary event structures would best suit your needs, or to enquire about hire, get in touch today.

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